Friday, 8 October 2010

It's a miracle! No. It isn't.

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I was directed today to a facebook page advertsing "Miricle Mineral Solution" of MMS also known as Miracle Mineral Supplement by a fantastic your twitterer #rhysmorgan. I first heard of Rhys and MMS when he was being interviewed on the Skeptics Guide to the Universe Podcast. He was talking about MMS and
the disgusting treatment he had recieved whilst participating in online forums where he dared criticise the product and inform others of the FDA warnings relating to the product.

MMS is a solution containing 28% sodium chlorite, a chemical used widely in paper manufacturing to generate chlorine dioxide, an industial strength bleach. Chlorine dioxide is so volatile that it is deemed unsafe for transport, which is why users of MMS will mix the sodium chlorite solution with an activator, usually citric acid or vinegar to generate the bleach on-site.

Now I'm no chemist, but it doesn't take one to realise that ingesting industrial strength bleach is not going to be beneficial, let alone treat cancer, HIV, malaria or the common cold as some websites claim. What it can do is make you nautious, vomit, give you diarrhea and produce symptoms of extreme dehydration.

The FDA has issued warnings that drinking MMS can cause serious harm ( and yet here it is, cropping up on websites and facebook sites for sale in the UK.

Jim Humble, the man claiming to have discovered and developed this 'miracle' has a website ( provides numerous ways for you to buy the product, but almost no information about what the product is, what it does, any evidence of efficacy or safety - apart from that it is GMP certified, meaning it has been manufactured to a particular standard. He does plug his books and DVD's, but don't worry all the profits go to him, not big Pharma, so your doing a little bit of good whilst you poison yourself.

It is understandable that people who suffer from chronic or terminal illnesses will look for solutions wherever they can find them, but the purpose of this blog entry is to beg you, if you are reading this and you're thinking of trying a new treatment, research the product you are buying, find out what's in it, find out if there are medical warnings in other countries and stay away from anything with the word 'miracle' on the label!

Always remember the old saying - if it's too good to be true... they're probably trying to steal your money whilst you continue to suffer.
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  1. I've done some searching but cant come across much information. What I did find out is that you do need to be a chemist because it depends what it is combined with. Combined with zinc chloride it acts as an oxidiser and is used in toothpaste, mouth wash, or even in eye contact cleaning solution. I guess what we really need is a link to the chemical formula

  2. The FDA's warning is for the product when mixed with acids and consumed.

    This link shows the chemical formula as used by Jim Humble, as well as his claims to have a 98% efficacy rates against Aids...

    This website sells the MMS and the activator but doesn't tell you whats in it

    But here it tells you that the activaor this website is selling is citric acid

    This product has been declared dangerous by the FDA (I think they probably have some chemists kicking about), makes unsubstantiated claims and is, in my opinion, taking advantage of desperate people.