Monday, 19 July 2010

BEWARE - The Energy Vampires BLAH BLAH

Have you ever felt that an interaction with another person has left you drained, tired or listless? You may be the unwitting victim of an energy vampire! Have you ever felt that someone is being relentlessly negative, can't take responsibility for their actions or is being disproportionately dramatic about a seemingly trivial incident or situation? Could be you're in the company of an energy vampire! Does prolonged eye contact leave your positive energy drained and you feeling exhausted depressed and sad? Could be you've been attacked by a psychic vampire!

But wait, sure, being with some people can suck, but draining your positive energy? Through eye contact?

Some people use the term 'energy vampire' to describe a person whose constant negativity has a detrimental effect on your own mood and although it might be a bit melodramatic to label this person a vampire, I can appreciate that not all social contact leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy.

Some websites advocate limiting the time spent with these people and delineating personal boundaries as clearly as possible to reduce the amount of sucking. Fair enough, its not fun being bombarded by negativity and limiting social contact may help, but have you ruled out that constant negativity might be someone's way of seeking social contact, comfort or help?

We all like a good moan but what we're more often that not seeking is a way to express ourselves, get advice and even bond. Why not try really listening to what they are saying; most people aren't expecting you to fix all their problems, they just want an ear to bend or a shoulder to quietly sob on. It's not your responsibility to fix everyone's problems, but it never hurts to take a minute and listen.

All that said, what really makes me giggle is the suggestion that eye contact can allow these 'psychic vampires' to steal your positive energy. What kind of energy are we talking about here? Something tells me we're not talking about any kind of biochemical energy or any other form of energy that could be measured or observed.

The suggestion that someone could 'suck' energy from your eyes is simply bizarre and requires some variation of a human energy field that is not known to science. No evidence for energy fields, channels or any other metaphysical transport network within the human body has ever been found - in fact, were it to be found it would require a complete paradigm shift in the way we understand the biological functions of the human body.

So next time you're in a situation with someone who is whining, over dramatic, relentlessly negative and is starting to get you down, don't reach for the garlic, try listening, if you keep an open mind and open ear, maybe the vampire won't have to suck your eyes.
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